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Football Aerobic Training Zones

Fig 1. 3 Basic Training Zones and for a Trained and Un-Trained Player

Pressing Lines of Confrontation

Mark out 50x70yrds. The teams play in specific formations. Both teams play a 3-2-2 formation.  Start position is indicated by SP1.  Later progressions of varying start positions are shown in diagram 2 below.

5vs2 Rondo

1) Develop possession skills.
2) Develop transition.
3) Develop playing tempo.


4-3-3 Possession SSG

Both teams:
1. 7 players (+3CMs)
2. 4-3-3 formation (With the CMs playing for the team in possession).
3. The players to begin with are not allowed to leave their coned zones.
4. Coach feeds balls from the sides of the field when ball exits play.
5. Players should be positioned as they would be in their typical 4-3-3 from game days.

Counter Attacking SSG (6vs6)

All Counter Atacking players need to be in their opponents half of the field for a goal to count.

Coach Central Defenders On Dealing With Crosses

1) Coach understanding on how to defend against crosses.
2) Coach how to deal with attackers in the final third.
3) Coach defending movements of central defenders.