5vs2 Rondo


Rondo Soccer Drill Exercise


1) Develop possession skills.
2) Develop transition.
3) Develop playing tempo.

• 20x25yrd rondo grid (Can use the space between the sideline and 18yrd area). (15 mins) 7 players.  2vs2 (+3).  Footballs readily available next to the coach positioned on the side of the playing area.  Age: 11-Adult.  

Player Roles

• The 3 Neutral players (N1, N2, N3) act as a CB, CM and CF.  When developing these positions you could select positions for the exercise based on your teams positions.  
• The Grey and Orange players would ideally be your LB and RB.


1. Addition of a 3rd defender who always remains in the central area and defends.
2. Possession must go through the CM prior to being passed to the opposite end of the grid.
3. Decrease the size of the playing area to make more challenging.
4. Touch limitations to 1/2 touch for either the central player only, or all players.


1. Possession passing targets can be set (i.e. 10 consecutive passes).
3. Completing 3 switches of play in succession (i.e. from one target player to the target player at the opposite end = 1pt).

• 3 Neutral Players (Yellow) play down the spine of the exercise (2 on the end lines and 1 centrally).  The end line (Target Players) N1 and N3 are restricted to playing on the end lines.  2 Defenders (Orange) defend the middle playing area and attempt to regain possession.  The 3 Neutral Players combine with the 2 Outside Players (Grey) in an attempt to maintain possession.   

• Attacking Players are allowed to move up and down the side lines only and cannot enter the grid or play outside. 
• 2 yellow players play on each end line and one in the middle.
• Play for 3-4 mins and then break for either a 30 sec or 1 minutes rest period.

Coaching Points

1) Quick passing and movement with limited touches on the ball.
2) Central Pivot player should play with awareness, scanning over the shoulders and constantly being an option.
3) Playing the way you face.
4) Speed of thought (thinking a pass ahead)
5) Quick transition from the outside players.
6) Create supporting angles to play out from the back. Look to play forward whenever possible but do NOT force play.
7) Play fast and keep play simple with limited touches. Playing the way you face when needed.

Diagram 1 - Set-Up
• Example of a typical passing pattern.  Football is passed between the the Neutral Player and Outside Backs to switch the play to the other end.  N1 and N3 work for supporting angles on the end lines, whilst N2 attempts to create space to support. 

5vs2 Soccer Rondos

Diagram 2 - Building Play
• Similar to a real game when viewing this ssg with specific positions, the CB and LB and RB build possession patiently.  When appropriate they play into the midfield and provide support.  Here the RB takes on a more adanced position to provide support for the CM.
Rondo exercise 7vs2 showing positions
Diagram 2 - Transition
Example of the transition movement that take place when the defending pair win possession of the ball.  Here the pass into the CM has been intercepted triggering the transition.
Rondo exercise 7vs2 with transition
Vary the size of the playing area to increase or decrease the difficulty level.
Notes & Observations
Attempt to get a really quick tempo to this exercise and focus on limited touches and simple quick passing.  Transition should be very quick in order to be able to create a numbers up scenario in order to maintain possession easier.